Kawasaki presents three new models

posted by Pascal Jahn at   2017-11-07 18:26:48


It was kind of platently that Kawasaki would introduce new Models for 2018. Therefore, it became an even more impressive how strong the new motorbikes for 2018 introducing them self on the eIcma in Milan.
Going back to the roots, Kawasaki expands its product range with the new Z900RS which becomes the new retro version of the old 900.
As the last few years, Kawasaki focused primary on the pure racing sector, it is very pleasant to hear that this year a high power sports tourer is introduced again. The H2 SX combines the power of the flagship H2 and the comfort ( as far you can name it comfort) of the well established touring machines. As an addition to the established Ninja segment Kawasaki introduces the ZX400 (Ninja400) which brings 48HP that perfectly fits into the german A2 driver licence. The long run will show how these interesting new models will perform on the street.