Small Taunus tour

posted by Pascal Jahn at   2017-11-08 10:53:49


It is a small tour through the south of the Taunus which is nested in the north of Frankfurt a.M. It is a lovley tour whith good road conditions where you will prpbaly meet many other bikers. After entering the Taunus, you will be soon on a big turn with a car park nested in it. Even they are not allowed to, many motorbikers will meet there and watching how the passing motorbikes proceeding this turn. It is a very good place to meet new people and just to hang out a bit. Even the majority of this motorbikers are drinving sport bikes, also other kind of motorbikes are warmly wellcomed. But be careful - even this tour offers great road conditions, speed cameras are aligned all over this tour.

Photo by Jake Blucker on Unsplash